Hovercrafty is now available in Early Access in the play store! The game is currently android only, iOS support may be added later on in this project.

In Hovercrafty, you pilot one of many characters and vehicles in an 8-person race. Maneuver your character to victory by disrupting, shooting, and speeding past the other players in the race.

Before you start racing, you can choose and customize your character and vehicle.

Choose and customize the character that appeals the most to you, maybe a speedy frog? A tropical alligator? Or, A fashionable pig? There is a character for everybody!

In Hovercrafty, you can choose one of many locations to race on. There is many diverse tracks, you can speed through. From the nature rich Jungle Run, to sunny beach of Seaside Sands, or maybe a different kind of jungle, the concrete jungle of City Sights. Choose your own track!